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What is Loa Server

LOA Server is setting is different that of other server.
Have special equipment, weapons, items and monster.

The server is located in the United States, the local paradise has no agents, such as gamers and local agents in operation

please go to the local agents of the server to play game.

Server Features

No swing lag

No MP regen bug

Reduced junk drops

Several major exploits eliminated

Automatic database backups

Account management

Medium rates

Stable and long term

How To Play

Register account

Dowanload  client launcher

Install and run launcher

Have Fun!

Go to play

lineagereal server is not an official lineagereal game server and is provided for informational purposes only. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The game is developed by the company NC SOFT.
​The server of this site is located in the United States, and there is no agent in the local paradise. If the player has an agent operating there, please go to the server of the local agent to play.